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Water Stones


I have been intrigued by the phenomenon of stacked stones that can increasingly be found in natural areas frequented by humans. Beyond trail markers, they are stacked for the pleasure of creating.

For me, I decided the photographs are not only about the piled stones; it’s a new composition about tension, light, form and time. The tension is inherent in viewing stones that are about to fall. I chose stones with a particular surface where they will stick at the exact point of pre-fall. The stones luminescence and form are part choice of rock and part carefully crafted light that intends to evoke a range of emotions from the spiritual to a remembered pleasant beach day. The third concept is time. Low light exposures often involve lots of time, but the time concept that’s more interesting is in the making of the stones: millions of years tumbling with sand and water to make these perfect props.  Tension, light, form and time are the basic ingredients of these photos as it is for many living organisms. Of course, humans benefit from less tension, more light and more time. Maybe that’s another clue as to why we like to stack stones.

The Water Stones series is comprised of 30 images. Photographed with large format film.

© Copyright - Howard Lewis 2023