• Lions Roar

  • Howling Sky

  • Seducing Twilight

  • Find The Humor

  • Separation

  • The Clouds Rest

  • From Far Away

  • Attached to Nothing

  • Catch The Sun

  • Far Encounter


(2019-          )

I’ve long been fascinated by weather and most recently climate change science. My deepening knowledge of climate change has strongly influenced the final outcome of my Aerials series images of clouds.

The photographs explore the unique emotional ballet of the times we live in; conflicting, dramatic, beautiful, stark, passionate, and rapid change – it’s all there. I wait, looking up, searching for interesting shapes of clouds to appear, the relationships between the cloud shapes to change, the sky between the clouds to widen or narrow, the light to catch the fluffy edges and then visualize how I will translate all the components to black and white tones. I’m interested in the most dramatic and unyielding cloud compositions that reflect a story of change and sometimes dark conflict.

Many of these were photographed during the most challenging times of political and health safety we’ve experienced and reflect both an appreciation for what I have as well as apprehension of the future.

 Photographed on digital media, the Aerials series consists of 40 images.

© Copyright - Howard Lewis 2023