• Offering

  • Lost View

  • Vacancy

  • Still Standing

  • Iconic

  • Lincoln Meditates

  • Barely A Moon

  • Jesus At The Motel

  • Facing The Dragon

  • Laundry Day

  • No Amusements

  • Dream In Chalk

  • Outside In

  • Leaning Left

  • Bridge Under

  • Journey

  • Jar Of Resiliance

  • Five Star Diner

  • Denial

  • Ventura

  • Barometric Flag

  • Stopped Fan

  • Eden Down

  • Gathering

  • Dinner Out

  • Catch The Ride

  • Off Kilter

  • Balcony View

  • Blue Sea

  • Air Transport

  • Star Dust

  • Still Light

Wait For It

(2022-        )

Climate change became personal for me when my old, beloved fishing boat sank to the bottom of a river in an unprecedented deluge, sinking the boat and years’ worth of memories. For many years I’ve been learning about climate change science but after this dramatic event, I realized I needed to do more than just reduce and recycle.  I researched the psychology of the human response to change and learned that our ancient brain is built to react to immediate threats that are concrete and visible, like a tiger leaping from the brush. Climate change is anything but concrete. Producing the images in Wait For It, I create that tiger. The foundation of my work is built on images of familiar settings overrun by water, wind, and fire. The photographs are meant to tap into our instinctive brains by showing complex, hypothetical montages that may very well become familiar scenes in our future. The current response to climate change scares and saddens me; our progress is not swift enough.

We can’t just wait for it.

© Copyright - Howard Lewis 2023