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Fading Blue Marble


In my newest series Fading Blue Marble I address the most chilling threat to humanity beyond our pandemic, the changing climate. My images explore a disturbing vision of the near future when immense heat becomes the most immediate discomfort and mitigation, or migration, are the only choices left. I was moved to create these images as a result of my gaining a deeper understanding of the science and impact of the earth’s temperature rise, as well as the psychology of change, economic impacts, political implications and potential innovative technological solutions.

These images may be dystopian but also show evidence of resiliency, survival, threads of normalcy and calming rituals in the face of disaster. Additionally, there is evidence of survival schemes both sophisticated and informal that may have varying degrees of temporary success.

The title of this portfolio is a reference to ‘The Blue Marble’ which is the name given by NASA to the photo of the entire earth taken in 1972 from space and since adopted as a symbol for the environmental movement. In my images, our “marble” or earth is fading but not yet darkened as there is still a short time left to apply urgent corrections. This series is created to show scenarios of possibilities but not certainties so that we never see or experience anything like these images in the future.

The “Fading Blue Marble” Portfolio consists of 12 photographs created in 2020-2021. Captured with digital media, the final photographic prints are produced by the artist using archival pigment prints on museum-quality archival paper in limited edition. Each portfolio with 12 images is produced in an edition of 10 + 2AP for a total edition of 12. The photographs are printed on 17 x 22 inch sized paper. Each photograph is signed, titled, and numbered verso in archival ink.

This work is intended to be a springboard for learning, conversation and debate in university art museums and collections. The portfolio can be used as both an exhibition and an educational tool for everyone about the multifaceted topic of humanities’ influence on our climate.


© Copyright - Howard Lewis 2023