• "Disruption"

  • "The Far Light"

  • "Chromatic Resilience"

  • "Fragmented"

  • "Traverse"

  • "Everywhere at Once"

  • "Connecting"

  • "Synaptic Response"

  • "Bluebird Changes"

  • "Cascade"

  • "Connecting No.2"

  • "A Little Peace"

  • "Equalateral"

  • "Scrutiny"

  • "Looking Out and In"

  • "Float"

  • "Seeing Red"

  • "Distant Recognition"

  • "Contours"

The Synapse photographic series was influenced by a close family member being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The images are a visual metaphor for how we process memories, create new ideas, and consider our own changing cognitive function. These photographs convey a sense of the ever-changing nature of cognition, where clarity and connection are interspersed with uncertainty. My intent is to draw viewers in, prompting their own reflections on the profound nature of human consciousness and the delicate balance between order and chaos within the mind.
These were all created from my multiple original photographs and then manipulated and shaped using software.


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